Short story

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SalutiI want share with you the first short story that I had wrote here in the US.

“I was in my sixteenth year of my life and I had one of the most difficult choices of my all life: “leave or not?” In that moment, in a room of my house in Settimo Torinese (Italy) I had to decide my future.

For me the year abroad signified to start my new life alone, in a different country.

It was the only possibility to have the future of my dreams. I would lose my everyday life, but not my identity, so I decided to became an exchange student and nobody could stop me.

All of my friends asked me :”Are you not afraid?”

I always answered “ Of course I am, but I care more about my future that about my fears”.

I made the countdown for months and finally the last day in Italy came.

I will never forget about it : my bedroom was a mess, I had just packed my luggage and my mum came and said that it was time to go.

Said “goodbye” to my grandparents was the hardest thing I have ever done.

It was the seventh of August 2014 at 10.30, five hours later I was on the intercontinental plane, alone.

I landed in New York City, I have never seen so many lights and people in a only one city before. Everything was bigger : the size of drinks, foods and cars.

The routine is so different from Italy!

And now I’m here in Priceville. I don’t care about the homesickness because I’m living the best year of my life.

I’m so happy because of my brave choice.

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